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Dear friends,

The world has gone through 3 years of the COVID-19 pandemic, and many of you spearheaded your respective country, region, or hospital’s COVID-19 response, caring for patients and conducting research to better understand the best ways to overcome this pandemic.

Now that the pandemic’s impact on humanity begins to come to an end, with our clinical and research activities adapting to a new norm, this is the best time for the sisters and brothers of APSID to reunite, reconnect, and pursue our passion for inborn errors of immunity (IEI). As APSID was founded in Hong Kong in 2016, I could think of no better place for us to reunite during the initial post-pandemic period.

Seven years have passed since the conception of APSID, and there has been tremendous progress in IEI care and research in Asia. There are now more and more advanced research groups in Asia in the field of IEI, with many novel IEI genes discovered, new treatment strategies pioneered, and many collaborative studies published. This will be APSID’s first Advanced IEI School, which aims to allow participants to share their clinical expertise, update on research progress, and train a new generation of IEI clinician-scientists. I encourage junior members from every clinical and academic IEI centre to submit their most difficult cases and novel research findings to this Inaugural Advanced APSID IEI School in Hong Kong, come gather to gain exposure for their budding research, and spark new opportunities for collaboration.

Let’s reunite in Hong Kong!

Prof Yu Lung Lau

APSID Founding President and School Chair / University of Hong Kong and Queen Mary Hospital, Hong Kong